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A Family of Faith - Stock Family {Acworth Family Photographer}

It's hard to leave everything that you know and love and move to the other side of the world. It's harder when you have three precious little girls.  Grandparents don't like that very much. But this family is trusting in Someone with a perfect plan.  And so they have taken their precious little girls and gone to the other side of the world.  To work and to serve[...]

Baby Carter {Acworth Newborn Photographer}

It doesn't get any cuter or teeny tiny than this little guy and of course we are a little partial to the name as we have our own Carter bugs! 5 days old and somebody forgot to tell him he is supposed to sleep all day!  He wanted to be awake for his first photo session!  We finally got him to sleep for a few shots and I (Stephanie} got to show off my new crochet hob[...]