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A Family of Faith - Stock Family {Acworth Family Photographer}

It's hard to leave everything that you know and love and move to the other side of the world. It's harder when you have three precious little girls.  Grandparents don't like that very much. But this family is trusting in Someone with a perfect plan.  And so they have taken their precious little girls and gone to the other side of the world.  To work and to serve[...]

Crazy Beautiful Heiple Family

We rarely do photos in our studio any more. We don't have a huge area so have been mainly doing outdoor sessions for our families. But this family is an exception. We've kind of grown our families at the same time. And they've been coming back for about 7 years now  So we pull out the lights and get ready for our photogenic family and usually some craziness. [...]

Beautiful Baby and Momma too! {Acworth Family and Kid Photographer)

Well, she isn't actually a baby, but she is beautiful.  This is our neighbor, Tina and her little ball of fire.  But you wouldn't guess how much will power this little girl has by these angelic pictures!  Tina had a picture from a magazine that she liked and wanted us to attempt to reproduce, so Sam stepped up to the challenge.  I love these pictures!  They truly show[...]