Did you know that you can get married at Maggiano’s Restaurant?

We didn’t either. But Jeff and Sonya informed us that you can and that there are some pretty cool places to get pictures.

While people are waiting for a table at the bottom of the staircase.


But we started off down the street at the gorgeous St. Regis Atlanta luxury hotel in Buckhead.  Someone had given the couple a suite for their wedding night so we were going to do the getting ready shots and then some portraits around the hotel.  Unfortunately after we got there we were told that photos were only allowed if the wedding was being held at the hotel.


So we begged and pleaded and offered to mop floors.

And they consented.  But didn’t take us up on the floor thing as our mopping skills weren’t five star.

Seriously, It was really kind of the Hospitality Staff to work with us and find areas that we could take some bride/groom shots without interrupting any other guests. Five star all the way!

So, the wedding dress.

She made it. Knitted it. By hand. Really.

In fact her mother actually stitched her into the dress.


Can you tell she used to be a model?  Gorgeous.


Then we moved down the street to Maggiano’s.  Quickly.  Or not so quickly as it was a Friday night in Buckhead.

Creep. Crawl. Wedding is supposed to start in 10 minutes. Creep. Crawl.

And quick grab the camera and get married!


And cue the ukulele band. Sonya’s group she plays with. Super cool.




What a fun, crazy wedding Jeff and Sonya! Hope you guys have many fun, crazy years of marriage!

photos by Sam and Stephanie 

blog post by Stephanie